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Goalkeeper Program


Sereno Soccer Club





Mission Statement


Goalkeepers are often the overlooked individual in the team. At Sereno Soccer Club, we have put a goalkeeping program in place to produce our vision of the complete goalkeeper.


Goalkeeping is a crucial and privileged playing position. Sereno Soccer Club will deliver specific goalkeeping instruction in a professional attitude and demonstrate a useful approach in their training. Our objective is to provide the foundation and grounding goalkeepers need to improve their technical skills to succeed in soccer.


Sereno is dedicated to developing fundamentally sound goalkeepers whom our teams can depend upon and our opponents fear.  We expect our goalkeepers to serve as our team’s last line of defense and first line of offense. At Sereno we strive for the following:


  • For goalkeepers to learn and enjoy the art of goalkeeping. To have fun while training.
  • To improve their technique through simple and realistic practices.
  • To improve their understanding of the position by giving them the skills and knowledge they require to be successful, consistent, and a reliable performer.
  • To develop movement skills and patterns specific to goalkeeping.
  • To teach the key tactical aspects of goalkeeping. 
  • To help the goalkeeper with decision making and other psychological aspects of the position. 
  • To ultimately improve match performance.

The training available at Sereno will be conducted to the highest of standards, thus creating an atmosphere that goalkeepers will feel proud to attend, and be part of. The club recognizes them as valuable assets and the key to a successful team.






Sereno Goalkeeping Philosophy


With soccer players training year round, and the level of competition continually improving, there is a greater demand on goalkeepers to perform. When a team wins a game because of the strength of their goalkeeper, it is then when one can be thankful that specialized goalkeeper training is available at their club. It is no longer seen as a benefit, but a necessity, for a club to develop their goalkeepers with specialized training, in order to learn the skills needed to perform at the next level.


Our philosophy at Sereno Soccer Club is to teach and coach our goalkeepers to become fundamentally flawless goalkeepers. Emphasis is always placed on the following; Technique, Positioning, Distribution, Decision making, and the Psychological part of the game. Our goalkeepers achieve this through continuous repetition and attention to technical details. I firmly believe that it does not make sense to do physically taxing exercises for the sake of making goalkeepers tired with little attention given to the proper method of goalkeeping. The majority of goalkeeping can be done by staying on your feet, if you have good footwork, you don’t have to rely on diving to every ball, and the save is made to look easy. This allows for quicker distribution and easier recovery to any rebound. I expect our goalkeepers to lead by example through their hard work in training, and games. They should be leaders on and off of the field within their team.


Goalkeeper Expectations


Our Goalkeepers are expected to go above and beyond what we ask of the rest of our players in the club. Our Goalkeepers are expected to train 4-5 times per week. Sereno Goalkeepers will train a minimum of 2 times per week with a member of our goalkeeping staff as well as 2-3 times with their team. Being a goalkeeper for Sereno Soccer Club is a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Attendance is mandatory. Coaches at the club are in constant communication with each other, and are of an understanding that specialized goalkeeping training takes precedence. Each training session will be an hour in length.




Goalkeepers will be grouped according to ability and not age. This allows for continued growth in their position of goalkeeper. If a goalkeeper is developing quicker than others in their group, they will work their way up to the next grouping. The same can be said, if there is a goalkeeper who is holding back a group, then they will move down a group to ensure the growth of others. No groups will be larger than 8 goalkeepers.




Goalkeepers will be given a written evaluation, based on training and their match performances. This evaluation will be thorough and will be handed out every few months, for continued development.


Goalkeeper Camps

Our Sereno Goalkeeping camps are run seasonally, usually in the Winter and Summer. Our camps are used as an opportunity for goalkeepers from any club to get extra training during their teams time off. It’s also an opportunity for people who may have interest in Sereno to see what our GK program looks like from the inside. One of the main objectives of our camps is to allow opportunities to train in a top environment at a very low cost.


Private Training


Private 1 on 1 training is available, at an extra cost, throughout the year. This allows the gk to work on specific parts of their game that needs work, it can also be used to help goalkeepers with their preparations for games (warm-up, nutrition, etc.), and also be of use to those goalkeepers who are looking to go to college. Please contact your goalkeeper coach to set up a time.