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Sereno Recreational Program


The Sereno rec program will follow the AYSA's Academy Program and US Soccer Guidelines for optimal player development. It is a FUNdamental based program, with FUN, and player development being the key goals. It is a small sided games program for ages 3-16 that lays out a perfect soccer foundation for the players life long enjoyment of the game. The games are all played at the same location and the league is an in-house league played against other Sereno teams. Our program is designed for players aged 3-16 wishing to discover the game of soccer, or continue their enjoyment of the game. We have 2 seasons remaining this year: Winter 2017 (January - March), and Spring 2017 (March - May)

Please See the FAQ's at the bottom fo this page.

We have Recreational FUNdamental soccer for ages 3-16, and semi-competitive UNITED soccer for ages 10-17.

In our FUNdamental Rec program ages 3 - 7 will play 4v4, ages 8 and 9 will play 7v7 with goalkeepers, and ages 10-16 will play 9v9.

Our semi-competitive UNITED program is for players age 10 - 17 that want to play at a higher level but  do not want to play competitive/travel soccer. Click here for more informations on our Sereno UNITED Program.

Registration is now open for Spring 2017 season, the Spring 2017 season will start Practice the last week of March, games will run March through May.

-Northeast Valley- Scottsdale- Fall, Winter, Spring-  Games are played at Jackrabbit Park for 4v4 and 7v7, and Sereno Park for 9v9.

Click her for the Spring 2017 Rec 4v4, 7v7, and 9v9 Registration Link


Click here for the 2016-2017 UNITED semi-competitive program ages 10-17

Advantage Skills Clinics - 

Sunday afternoon skills clinics are run by Sereno Pro Coaching Staff, and there are 2 clinics pe rseason. The clinics give players a chance to increase their skills and knowledge of the game by working with pro staff coaches. The cost is $30 for the two clinics.

You can sign up for Advantage Skills Clinics during registration or click here to sign-up.






Why 4v4 Soccer?

In a fullsided soccer game a player has the option of passing the ball forwards, square or backwards. 4v4 in the minimum number of players you can have on the field and still have all 3 options. 4v4 is the minimum numbers needed for all of the principles of play. One player is up top for penetration. Two are needed for width and one holds back to supply depth. Once you start adding additional players, roles and options change. 4v4 in the simplest and most perfect way to teach the principles of soccer. It has all of the necessary elements without any duplication.

More Great Reasons to Play 4v4

Players time with ball increases, number of passes, scoring attempts, goals scored and 1v1 encounters all increase. Players concentration level increases actions are quicker and occur more often. Smaller numbers mean more opportunities for decision making by each player.


How long are the seasons?

Seasons-  Each season runs 9 weeks, with 7 league games  and a festival at the end of the season.

When does the season start?

The Fall season begins in early September and ends December.  Rec Plus Clinics are held Sunday afternoons October and  November .

The Winter season begins January and ends March. Rec Plus Clinics are held Sunday afternoons January and February.

The Spring season begins  last week of March and ends May. Rec Plus Clinics are held sunday afternoons April and May .

How are the teams formed?

Teams are formed by age group depending on the number of registrants. As recommended by FIFA, and our professional coaching staff, teams are structured to give each player the opportunity to explore and grow within the game with the focus being on having FUN!

Who coaches the teams?

We are fortunate to have a great base of volunteer coaches who donate their time and effort to make our program a success. Our volunteer coaches receive training and instructional material from our professional staff at the beginning of each season. If you are interested in becoming a coach in our recreational program please email us at We’d love to have you join our team! Coaches children receive a $90 discount on registration.

When will I hear from my coach?

Registration closes 3 weeks before the season begins, after registration closes we form teams and send rosters to coaches.  Coaches receive rosters 2 weeks before the first games, they will contact their team to set up practice times.  

How much does it cost to play?

Registration fee is $120 for 4v4, $125 for 7v7, and $130 for 9v9 - Early Registration closes 2 months before the season starts and is a $10 discount. Registration fee includes a Full Adidas Uniform, 9 Week Season of Training and Games, and Individual Awards.  Returning players to the Winter or Spring Season get a $20 returning player uniform discount.

Can I pick my coach or play with my friends?

During the registration process you can request a coach and or a friend.  As long as the coach or friend play in the same age group or the one above your age, and there is space available on the roster we will do our best to honor all request. 

Can I pick my practice day and location?

During the registation process we give you a 1st, 2nd and 3rd request for practice days.  We do our best to honor all parctice day request. If you have requested a coach that practices on a night you have not requested, we will honor the coaches request before the day request.   We provide several fields for the coaches to choose from for their practices.  It is the coaches choice since they are volunteering their time and we can not guarantee that you will be at a particular practice field. If you have more then one child playing it may be a good idea to request different practice days for them since they may not be at the same field.  

What day are games played on?

Games are played on Saturdays between 8am and 2pm.  Teams will have varied game times through out the season.  The season schedule is posted online a week or two before the season starts, so you will know your game times for the entire season.

Where are practice and games held?

We provide 4 fields for coaches to use for practice- they are Jackrabbit Park (62nd St and Paradise Lane), Crossed Arrows Park, 62nd and Acoma), Sereno Park (56th St and Sweetwater), and Greenway Middle School 32St and Grrenway.

Games are played at Jackrabbit Park (62nd and Paradise Lane) for 4v4 and 7v7, and Sereno Park (56th St and Sweetwater) for 9v9.